Our History

When SBF’s original founder, Ken Sherman, was a representative of a single print manufacturer, he found that he wasn’t able to take care of all his customer’s print needs. So, in 1969, Ken started Specialty Business Forms, Inc. He became the 67th Certified Forms Consultant in the U.S.

Ken’s son, Dan, joined the firm in 1981 while still in high school, working in the warehouse after school and in the summer. Dan loved the computer and printing trades classes in high school, especially the design aspect. Dan’s decades of hands-on experience combined with his formal college education make him a good researcher and decision-maker.

Dan Sherman took ownership of SBF in 2007 and today he manages 75% of its customer base. Dan credits Ken for being a good teacher, leaning into every project and modeling a standard of customer service that is still a pillar of SBF.

Why Choose Us

At SBF we prioritize investing in technology and training so that we can deliver cutting edge printing, marketing, and data management tools to our customers.

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers so that we can understand and deliver exactly what they need. We keep our pulse on a customer’s future potential so that we can be ready to adjust our service as their needs evolve. We believe that an efficiently run company is one that is relationally based. We prioritize and value long term relationships with customers.

Our roots are in Kalamazoo. Dan was born and raised here and by the time he retires, he’ll have worked 50 years at SBF Enterprises. Southwest Michigan is and has always been our marketplace so we’re invested in and understand the needs of our community and the culture that shapes it.

Trainings, Certifications, & Experience

Dan Sherman holds a BBA in Management with minors in Marketing and Computer Information Systems from Western Michigan University. Dan’s extensive hands-on experience working at SBF — throughout high school and college and beyond — gave him a leg-up in the industry. While attaining a formal education, Dan was able to learn how to apply it in real time, which allowed him to hone critical research and decision-making skills.

Dan’s computer graphics, database, and process design background combined with Sean’s manufacturing and troubleshooting background make for a successful partnership. Dan and Sean love the feeling of a well-finished project and happy customers.

Our Cause

Our goal is for our clients to consider us their “Employee of the Month” whenever we get involved. From simple business card orders to mission-critical marketing projects, we treat each project like it’s our very own.

Our Services

  • Consulting and Design
  • Data Acquisition and Management
  • Printing and Promotional Specialties
  • Distribution Process
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Our clients include

  • RxOptical
  • Zeigler Auto Group
  • Berrien County
  • City of St. Joseph
  • Keller Williams
  • Youth for Christ
  • Lyster Exteriors
  • East Jordan Plastics
  • Devon Title
  • Eimo Technologies
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Get to Know Us

Dan Sherman

Client Advisor
Product Development

I am a bit of a data nerd that loves to play. The data print world has been my playground for most of my life. I grew up in the industry and would eventually get my degree in marketing with a minor in computer information systems. I always have high expectations for myself and appreciate a good challenge. I am grateful to have such loyal customers to partner with in this business journey. My retirement plans include enjoying grandkids, refurbishing my cabin, and loads of travel.

Sean Gray

Client Advisor
Production Manager

'I am a start to finish kinda guy. I enjoy working with customers and sharing many laughs with my co-workers. I have been working in the printing business for 29 years and have come very accustom to the process as a whole. Production is my specialty, so I am always working on machines. When I am not working on machines at work, I am tinkering with my 1980 Pontiac Trans Am. My retirement plans include restoring old vehicles with my son.

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50 Years
of service

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Kalamazoo, MI 49001

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Dan Sherman

Client Advisor
Product Development

Sean Gray

Client Advisor
Production Manager