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SBF prints A/P and P/R check stock, branch office documents, and other office business documents via an online ordering and production system so the client can figure usages and reorder quantities with best cost efficiency.

In addition, SBF designed a custom web interface to help the client manage their direct mail marketing. The system allows each salesperson to enter orders for marketing documents using their clients’ logos and custom discount offerings to deliver directly to employees of businesses in their branch services areas. The system is polled once a week and produces automatic proofs that are approved online by salespeople. Once all are approved, the data and images are downloaded, printed and mailed within 24 hours to keep a flow of over 250,000 pieces moving consistently each year.

Zeigler Auto Group

SBF created a custom designed web application for their sales data, which can be completed by a salesperson within a couple of minutes. The sales data includes a checkbox of 36 possible relationship “touches” they desire to have with their client over the next 5 years.

When the particular “touch” hits its release date, we print letters for them to sign and mail. Touches might include things like maintenance reminders, birthday and anniversary wishes, checking in on how well the car is performing, and asking for referrals.

Berrien County

SBF has had a relationship with Berrien County for more than 30 years! Berrien County is the centralized processing center for all cities, villages, and townships in their county. Centralized processing creates cost efficiency and best practice procedures that are enjoyed by all CVTs. All CVT’s receive quality configured tax bills and assessment notices processed with guaranteed content and delivery.

SBF helped redesign the documents to make them easy to read and understand. SBF also offers backprinting, newsletter printing/insertion and other options to help each CVT communicate well, with a great image and as cost efficiently as possible.

City of St. Joseph

SBF prints and mails water/sewer bills, tax statements, assessment notices, and property owner newsletters.

Keller Williams

SBF does data searches, postcard and newsletter mailings, special event mailings, and promotional specialty items.

Youth for Christ

SBF provides printing for fundraising, newsletters, event materials, and other related print/mail materials.

Lyster Exteriors

SBF prints business documents to help their operations, provides promotional specialty items for their marketing, and even sends custom greeting cards to their large customer base.

East Jordan Plastics

SBF produces business documents and helped design custom window envelopes and pre-collated document system to save them time and eliminate spoilage.

Devon Title

SBF provides marketing data and promotional specialties for Devon’s corporate office events with realtor clients and we print postcard and sales sheets for their realtor customers.

Eimo Technologies

SBF produces and stores production labels in an enormous number of colors to help manage different client and production color-coded systems. SBF stores labels as a backup to avoid shortages that might bring production down, and to keep their label production costs down.

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