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Consulting and Design

To reach people effectively, you need to know who your customers are. At SBF, we help customers define their audience with a high degree of accuracy. From there, we design and execute a marketing strategy that is artistically crafted and scientifically calculated to reach a specific audience.

Data Acquisition and Management

Setting up and maintaining good data is key to making every dollar count. At SBF we partner with customers to:

  • Define prospects
  • Design data fields
  • Track activity

We maintain a flexible database system to keep it up to date and accurate so that our process produces data our customers can trust.

Printing and Promotional Specialties

Printing for promotional purposes is a marketing strategy that works to establish a brand’s visibility. At SBF we love to print promotional products because we know that brand establishment and visibility has a good return on investment.

Here’s why:

  • Customers recognize brands that are highly visible and associate the brand with positive feelings.
  • If a brand is well established, customers are more likely to choose that brand over a competitor when comparing side by side.
  • Customers show loyalty because they share a brand’s promoted values.
  • When customers are satisfied with existing products, they are more likely to purchase new products.
  • Customers often share credible opinions with others

Learn more by visting our We Print On It page.

Distribution Process

The easiest routes of distribution might not be the most successful. Often they need to be run over and over again with little lasting effect. Defining your customers’ traits can allow you to mix up your distribution methods that will be more likely to keep your customers’ attention.

At SBF, we know that it can take a variety of methods to attract prospects and retain customers. We help craft consistent messages and then diversify the distribution method so that your marketing strategy remains creative and effective.

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