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Customer Retention

Custom documents are often considered to be a necessary evil and become a low priority in design time because it is only data…right? Surprisingly, they can also make an impression on customers based on their design, flow, and the user’s ability to find and absorb the information. 1. Design Everything you put in front of […]

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Data – Spending Enough Time on It?

Database Tips for Simple Address Lists: Do NOT take shortcuts in setting up your database field layout. Too many times small organizations submit to “the easier the better” philosophy until they find out that planning ahead and setting up more fields can save time and heartache in the future. We received a spreadsheet from a […]

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Our Cause

Our goal is for our clients to consider us their “Employee of the Month” whenever we get involved. From simple business card orders to mission-critical marketing projects, we treat each project like it’s our very own.

Our Services

  • Consulting and Design
  • Data Acquisition and Management
  • Printing and Promotional Specialties
  • Distribution Process
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Our clients include

  • RxOptical
  • Zeigler Auto Group
  • Berrien County
  • City of St. Joseph
  • Keller Williams
  • Youth for Christ
  • Lyster Exteriors
  • East Jordan Plastics
  • Devon Title
  • Eimo Technologies
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