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Custom documents are often considered to be a necessary evil and become a low priority in design time because it is only data…right? Surprisingly, they can also make an impression on customers based on their design, flow, and the user’s ability to find and absorb the information.

1. Design

Everything you put in front of your customer is an opportunity to reinforce a positive brand impression. Consistent imaging and quality in a document is more important that you may think. Just like a straight tie and smile leave a good impression, so can a professionally designed document leave a customer with a favorable frame of mind about your company’s attention to detail.

2. Flow

The human brain is logical and works best when like items are grouped and a flow from start to finish, top to bottom, left to right exists. If a logical flow is interrupted it causes pause and stress on the brain which causes confusion and question in the reader’s mind. Even font size, bolding and other typography decisions can help pave the way to easily interpreted documents and a positive customer experience.

3. Information Absorption

All things aside, the main purpose of a document is to communicate whether it is an invoice, a purchase order, production order or shipping document. If a document puts the most important information on a pedestal so it is given the priority, then the recipient can process it quickly and successfully with less risk of mistake or confusion. Help your customers and employees get past the document to the next step.

Let SBF show you balance in document design, flow and absorption as well as document construction that gives you solutions from laser sheets to labels to integrated forms that fuse both into one document for efficiency and process control.

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