Step Up Your Team Spirit with Custom Imprinted Socks!

Are you tired of the same old team apparel? Ready to boost team morale and create a lasting impression? Look no further! Introducing our exciting new offering: Custom Imprinted Socks tailored exclusively for your company or team. These personalized socks are not just accessories; they’re a statement that speaks volumes about your unity, pride, and unique identity.

1. Unite Your Team:
Picture your team walking onto the field, into the office, or through the event venue, all wearing matching custom socks with your logo, colors, or motto. Instantly, you create a sense of belonging that fosters camaraderie, unity, and a shared purpose. Custom imprinted socks are a powerful way to visually represent your team’s identity and values.

2. Show Your Style:
Step away from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary! Our custom imprinted socks are designed to match your team’s aesthetics perfectly. From vibrant colors to bold designs, these socks showcase your team’s unique style in a way that’s fun, fashionable, and functional.

3. Unforgettable Impressions:
Stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on clients, partners, and fans alike. Imagine distributing custom socks as promotional items or corporate gifts. Recipients won’t forget your brand easily when they’re wearing your logo proudly on their feet.

4. Boost Morale:
Happy feet, happy team! Studies have shown that personalized team apparel, like custom socks, can significantly boost team morale and engagement. When team members feel connected and proud of their identity, they’re more motivated to give their best performance.

5. Events and Special Occasions:
Hosting a company event, charity fundraiser, or team-building activity? Custom imprinted socks can be the perfect takeaway. They serve as tangible memories that participants can wear long after the event is over, reminding them of the positive experience they had with your team.

6. Unparalleled Comfort:
Our custom socks aren’t just eye-catching; they’re comfortable and built to last. Crafted from premium materials, they provide all-day comfort whether you’re on the field, at the office, or simply lounging around. With reinforced stitching and superior fabric, these socks will be cherished for a long time.

7. Easy Ordering Process:
Don’t worry about the hassle of designing and ordering. Our experienced team will guide you through the process, ensuring that your custom imprinted socks are a true reflection of your vision. We’re committed to delivering a seamless experience, from design conception to final delivery.

8. Affordable Brilliance:
Custom doesn’t have to mean costly. We offer competitive pricing packages that ensure you get the best value for your investment. Elevate your team’s image without breaking the bank.

Take the First Step!
Elevate your team’s spirit, camaraderie, and visual impact with custom imprinted socks. Make a bold statement that resonates with your team’s identity and values. Contact us today to explore design options, discuss pricing, and start the journey towards socks that will truly set your team apart. With custom imprinted socks, every step is a statement!

So Much Simpler!

Your favorite sock company just made ordering custom socks even Simpler! Just pick from one of our eighteen popular sock designs, select your colorway and provide your logo. From there, we knit your custom socks for you. Simpler Socks are the exact same high-quality Dress Socks you always get from Pop! Promos — with minimums as low as 50 pairs!

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We will help you with your logo setup and proofs.

Below is the price per pair.

Interested? Email Me –

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SBF’s Auto CRM Service for your Dealership!

Happy Car buyers

Customer Retention Management (CRM) is focused on making sure your customer is satisfied and to ensure that they have a positive experience and want to return when it’s time for a service, detail or to purchase a new car. Either by financing or leasing.


Stressed Customer


The Do Not Approach!

Potential car buyers are bombarded with billboards, radio ads, and flyers about new models, low prices, and great service. But too much contact can be annoying and counter-productive and many times it leaves the customer feeling overwhelmed.






Remember Me?

Happy returning customer

Successful auto dealerships work to cultivate organic relationships with real, personal attention. Keeping your Client Advisor’s name in front of them makes it more likely that they will think of them first when it’s time for a service or a new vehicle purchase.


What’s Next?

SBF’s AutoCRM system is designed to be efficient, flexible and easy to use. When the client is talking with finance signing for their vehicle you have 10-15 minutes to enter their information while it is still fresh in your mind. The system can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. Enter their vehicle number and the vehicle information is immediately populated in the system. Enter a few more fields about the vehicle and move right onto the customer information.

If they are a repeat customer it will bring up their records as you being to type in their last name. Make additions and changes to keep their correspondences up to date if they move during the life of their vehicle. You can also look at other vehicles you have entered in the system already if that information will help your approach. By changing their contact information, it is updated for every vehicle in the system so all future correspondence go to the correct location.

Once the customer information is saved, the correspondence options are activated. They start in red but as you select the correspondence best for this customer and this vehicle they are activated and turn green. Once you save your selections, they are scheduled in the system and you are done!

Auto CRM

Here is an example.

If you chose a 5 month service reminder, in 5 months a letter is automatically generated with the following features:

– Dealership letterhead with all company information and color logos.

– The car manufacturer logo of the vehicle purchased.

– Letter copy with vehicle information, message and call to action exactly as the dealer wants.

– Your contact information and signature at the bottom.

– Any referral rewards or local business coupons to reward clients for their loyal and action.

Now is the Time.

Call (269) 345-0828 or email Dan at today to view the ease and benefits our system. Let us know the benefits and shortcomings of your current solution and SBF can configure our solution to give you the best possible alternative. The best system is one that salespeople can use effectively that shows the entire dealership as the local source worth knowing and growing with.

TEC LIGHTING – BARELY USED 16″ Inline UV Coating System – $6,000

The Inline UV Coater offers all of the same features of the sophisticated TruCoat UV Coater, with added capabilities. This innovative design was created to accommodate and adapt to your existing printing equipment flawlessly. With its easy transfer inline conveyor table, professional UV coating becomes an accessible reality for your finishing needs. This technology offers high performance coating, and a quick and easy transport system to keep up with your fast-paced business.


  • Works with all DIGITAL outputs
  • Easy inline integration with most digital presses
  • Graded transport conveyor for seamless transfer
  • Adjustable height transfer table
  • Modular design for easy mobility
  • IR/UV combo to assist in flow-out and coating adhesion
  • Dual fluid lines for easy coating changeover
  • Apply gloss, satin and matte coatings.
  • Coat toner based, offset or inkjet with ease.
  • Quick change textured rollers for an array of finishes.
  • Speeds of up to 4,000SPH.
  • From start to coating in less than 5 Minutes.
  • Less than 10 minutes to switch between different coatings.
  • Zero VOC UV coating and wash-up fluid.
  • UV coated documents are 100% recyclable.
  • Modern/compact design.
  • All steel construction.
  • 3 roll application system with quick-change roller design.
  • Stainless steel doctor blade.


  • Size: 16″ (40cm) Wide
  • Max Sheet: 16″ (40cm) x Infinity
  • Sheet Thickness: 150-600 GSM
  • Sheet Per Hour: Up to 4,000 or 132 Ft/min
  • Power: 220V, 1Ph, 60Hz, 35A
  • Max Sheet Size16″ wide
    Min Sheet Size
    Min Sheet Thickness150 GSM
    Max Sheet Thickness600 GSM
    Speed132 ft/min (up to 4,000 sheets/hour)
    InfeedInline conveyor
    OutfeedStacking tray
    UV Curing LampYes

    Tec Lighting INC. Tec Lighting INC. Tec Lighting INC. Tec Lighting INC. Tec Lighting INC. Tec Lighting INC. Tec Lighting INC. tec lighting

    TEC Lighting UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed: Enhancing Print Finishing with Efficiency and Quality

    In the world of print finishing, UV coating plays a vital role in adding a protective layer, enhancing the visual appeal, and extending the longevity of printed materials. TEC Lighting, a renowned name in the industry, offers a versatile solution with their UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed. This compact and efficient machine provides businesses with the ability to achieve superior coating results while maintaining a high level of productivity. We will explore the features, benefits, and overall performance of the TEC Lighting UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed.

    Compact Design and Easy Operation: The UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed by TEC Lighting is designed to fit seamlessly into any print production environment. Its compact size allows it to be easily integrated into existing workflows, even in limited spaces. This hand-fed coater offers user-friendly operation, making it suitable for both experienced professionals and those new to UV coating. The intuitive control panel enables quick setup and adjustment of various parameters, ensuring a hassle-free coating process.

    Versatile Coating Options: One of the key advantages of the TEC Lighting UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed is its versatility in coating applications. It can accommodate a wide range of substrates, including paper, cardboard, and synthetic materials. Whether you need to coat business cards, brochures, book covers, or other promotional materials, this machine delivers consistent and high-quality results. The 16-inch coating width allows for handling various sizes and formats, catering to diverse printing needs.

    Superior Coating Quality: TEC Lighting is known for its commitment to delivering exceptional print finishing results, and the UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed lives up to this reputation. The machine utilizes advanced UV curing technology to produce a smooth and even coating. The UV light instantly cures the coating, resulting in a glossy, scratch-resistant finish that enhances the visual impact of printed materials. This professional-grade coating adds value and durability, making printed products more attractive and long-lasting.

    Efficient and Productive: Time efficiency is crucial in print production, and the TEC Lighting UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed excels in this aspect. The machine operates at a rapid speed, allowing for high throughput while maintaining consistent coating quality. The hand-fed system ensures precise control over the coating process, minimizing waste and reducing the need for reprints. With its quick setup and efficient operation, this UV coater helps businesses increase their productivity and meet tight deadlines.


    TEC Lighting UV Coater

    The TEC Lighting UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed is a reliable and efficient solution for print finishing, offering versatility, quality, and productivity. Its compact design and user-friendly operation make it a valuable addition to any print production environment. With its ability to handle various substrates and deliver superior coating results, this machine empowers businesses to enhance the visual appeal and durability of their printed materials. Whether you are a commercial printer, in-house print shop, or marketing agency, the TEC Lighting UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed can elevate your print finishing capabilities to new heights.

    Enhancing Print Quality and Protection: The Versatile Uses of TEC Lighting UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed

    In today’s competitive print industry, businesses strive to deliver exceptional quality and durability in their printed materials. The TEC Lighting UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed is a remarkable device that meets these demands by providing a versatile range of uses. Whether for commercial printing, packaging, or creative projects, this UV coater offers a myriad of benefits, including enhanced print quality, protection against damage, and improved aesthetics. In this article, we will explore the various applications and advantages of the TEC Lighting UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed.

    1. Print Enhancement: The TEC Lighting UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed is a valuable tool for enhancing the visual appeal of printed materials. This device applies a thin layer of clear UV coating to the surface of prints, resulting in a glossy, professional finish. By adding a lustrous sheen, the UV coating not only improves the aesthetic appeal of the printed piece but also enhances the color vibrancy, making images and graphics appear more vivid and eye-catching.

    Moreover, the UV coating creates a tactile experience for the reader. The smooth and glossy texture adds a premium feel to the printed material, elevating the perceived value and leaving a lasting impression on the recipient. Whether it’s brochures, business cards, book covers, or postcards, the TEC Lighting UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed allows businesses to elevate their print products to the next level.

    1. Protection and Durability: Printed materials often face the risk of damage due to handling, moisture, or UV radiation. The TEC Lighting UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed provides a solution to these concerns by offering a protective layer that guards against scratches, abrasion, and fading. The UV coating acts as a barrier, shielding the underlying print from potential harm and extending its lifespan.

    This UV coater is particularly beneficial for packaging applications. By coating boxes, labels, and packaging materials, the TEC Lighting UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed enhances their durability, ensuring that the printed information, branding, and designs remain intact throughout the product’s life cycle. This is particularly crucial for industries such as cosmetics, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals, where packaging plays a crucial role in brand perception and consumer trust.

    Additionally, the UV coating helps protect against moisture and humidity, making it an ideal choice for materials exposed to varying environmental conditions. Whether it’s outdoor signage, menus, or banners, the UV coating preserves the print quality and readability, even in harsh weather conditions.

    1. Versatility and Creativity: The TEC Lighting UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed offers remarkable versatility, enabling businesses to explore creative possibilities. Apart from applying a glossy finish, this UV coater allows for spot UV coating, which selectively highlights specific areas of the print, adding an intriguing visual element. This technique can be utilized to draw attention to logos, text, or images, creating a captivating contrast between matte and glossy surfaces.

    Furthermore, the TEC Lighting UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed supports various coating effects such as raised (3D) and textured finishes. These effects can transform ordinary prints into extraordinary pieces, elevating the overall design and making them more engaging and memorable. Creative professionals, such as graphic designers and artists, can unleash their imagination and leverage the UV coater’s capabilities to produce stunning and unique print creations.

    1. Efficiency and Convenience (300 words): The TEC Lighting UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed combines versatility with ease of use, making it an efficient solution for businesses. The hand-fed feature allows for quick and simple operation, making it suitable for small to medium-sized print runs. The compact size and user-friendly interface of the device enable seamless integration into existing print workflows, saving time and resources.

    Additionally, the UV coating process is fast, with instant curing, eliminating the need for drying time. This enables faster turnaround times, improving overall production efficiency and meeting tight deadlines without compromising quality.

    The TEC Lighting UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed offers a host of advantages that enhance the quality, durability, and visual appeal of printed materials. Its ability to provide glossy finishes, protect against damage, and support creative effects makes it an invaluable tool for businesses in the print industry. With its versatility, efficiency, and convenience, this UV coater enables businesses to elevate their printed products, differentiate their offerings, and leave a lasting impact on their target audience. Investing in the TEC Lighting UV Coater 16″ Hand Fed opens up a world of possibilities for businesses seeking to stand out in a competitive market.

Custom documents are often considered to be a necessary evil and become a low priority in design time because it is only data…right? Surprisingly, they can also make an impression on customers based on their design, flow, and the user’s ability to find and absorb the information.

1. Design

Everything you put in front of your customer is an opportunity to reinforce a positive brand impression. Consistent imaging and quality in a document is more important that you may think. Just like a straight tie and smile leave a good impression, so can a professionally designed document leave a customer with a favorable frame of mind about your company’s attention to detail.

2. Flow

The human brain is logical and works best when like items are grouped and a flow from start to finish, top to bottom, left to right exists. If a logical flow is interrupted it causes pause and stress on the brain which causes confusion and question in the reader’s mind. Even font size, bolding and other typography decisions can help pave the way to easily interpreted documents and a positive customer experience.

3. Information Absorption

All things aside, the main purpose of a document is to communicate whether it is an invoice, a purchase order, production order or shipping document. If a document puts the most important information on a pedestal so it is given the priority, then the recipient can process it quickly and successfully with less risk of mistake or confusion. Help your customers and employees get past the document to the next step.

Let SBF show you balance in document design, flow and absorption as well as document construction that gives you solutions from laser sheets to labels to integrated forms that fuse both into one document for efficiency and process control.

Database Tips for Simple Address Lists: Do NOT take shortcuts in setting up your database field layout. Too many times small organizations submit to “the easier the better” philosophy until they find out that planning ahead and setting up more fields can save time and heartache in the future.

We received a spreadsheet from a local non-profit who had just 4 fields:

Full Name
City, State, Zip

Sometimes the people’s names were in the business field, sometimes the address field had information other than what the USPS wants to see. They also wanted us to put a name to a salutation inside the letter. We’ll start from the bottom and move up.

City, State and Zip – easy to separate with our database tools, however, if the client ever wanted to sort their spreadsheet by city or by state or by zipcode they are handcuffing themselves by including all these in one field instead of a separate column for each.

Address – You want at least 1 field to be nothing but the delivery address and in the format that the USPS.

Example: 54321 W. Apollo Blvd Suite 7

The USPS looks for a street number first and a unit number last. Distinctions like E or W are important because street numbers can exist with both. Be careful with the street name because in our town there is a Center Rd, Center St, Centre St, and Centre Ave. If only one instance of 321 W Centre then you have no problems, however, why take the risk. Be accurate, complete and in the best postal format to ensure correct delivery and the best postage discounts.

If you need to provide more information about delivery, use a second address line.

Joe Smith
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
East Campus, Building 242, Lower Level, Suite 329
54321 W. Apollo Blvd
Houston, TX 77001

Company – This field should only include the proper company name. It should never include personal information.

John Smith, Smith Associates isn’t good for a Company field. A good example is when the company name is John Smith and Associates. Otherwise, John Smith should be kept in the first and last name fields.

If you need additional information like a department in a university it is best to plan ahead with a second name line like below:

Western Michigan University
College of Business
Haworth Building, Second Floor
1903 W. Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo, MI 49008

Names – Do not skimp on keeping the details stored in these fields, because they are so personal that if you present them wrong or awkwardly you could destroy credibility when they first look at the envelope. A well planned personal set of fields would look as follows:

Title – Mr., Ms. Mrs. Dr.
First Name – Just the given first name
Middle Name – Initials are just fine
Last Name – Smith, Smith-Jones, all acceptable
Suffix – Jr, Sr, III, MD

Our software allows us to use a Full Name field that will combine all these fields together so you could get a well formatted full name regards if all the fields are there or not. A result of the full name field could be as simple as…

Joe Smith

or as elaborate as…

Dr. Emily Jane Mendosa-Rodriguez MD

Salutation – We have seen many mistakes when companies depending on combining serveral fields together. The risk is when all of the fields don’t exist and you get poor output. You can never lose the chance to make a good impression when you have a specific field for salutation as follows:

Dr. Mendosa-Rodriguez
Mr. Smith
Bob and Marion

A formal salutation can show respect. An informal saluation can promote a good relationship. You must choose which is appropriate for your business, and you can even choose at the customer level depending on your relationship with them.

REMEMBER: If you want to live by your data, you can also die by your data if you don’t give it the resources to design it for the future, make sure it is complete, keep its integrity and is kept up to date.

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