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Customer Retention Management (CRM) is focused on making sure your customer is satisfied and to ensure that they have a positive experience and want to return when it’s time for a service, detail or to purchase a new car. Either by financing or leasing.


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The Do Not Approach!

Potential car buyers are bombarded with billboards, radio ads, and flyers about new models, low prices, and great service. But too much contact can be annoying and counter-productive and many times it leaves the customer feeling overwhelmed.






Remember Me?

Happy returning customer

Successful auto dealerships work to cultivate organic relationships with real, personal attention. Keeping your Client Advisor’s name in front of them makes it more likely that they will think of them first when it’s time for a service or a new vehicle purchase.


What’s Next?

SBF’s AutoCRM system is designed to be efficient, flexible and easy to use. When the client is talking with finance signing for their vehicle you have 10-15 minutes to enter their information while it is still fresh in your mind. The system can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. Enter their vehicle number and the vehicle information is immediately populated in the system. Enter a few more fields about the vehicle and move right onto the customer information.

If they are a repeat customer it will bring up their records as you being to type in their last name. Make additions and changes to keep their correspondences up to date if they move during the life of their vehicle. You can also look at other vehicles you have entered in the system already if that information will help your approach. By changing their contact information, it is updated for every vehicle in the system so all future correspondence go to the correct location.

Once the customer information is saved, the correspondence options are activated. They start in red but as you select the correspondence best for this customer and this vehicle they are activated and turn green. Once you save your selections, they are scheduled in the system and you are done!

Auto CRM

Here is an example.

If you chose a 5 month service reminder, in 5 months a letter is automatically generated with the following features:

– Dealership letterhead with all company information and color logos.

– The car manufacturer logo of the vehicle purchased.

– Letter copy with vehicle information, message and call to action exactly as the dealer wants.

– Your contact information and signature at the bottom.

– Any referral rewards or local business coupons to reward clients for their loyal and action.

Now is the Time.

Call (269) 345-0828 or email Dan at today to view the ease and benefits our system. Let us know the benefits and shortcomings of your current solution and SBF can configure our solution to give you the best possible alternative. The best system is one that salespeople can use effectively that shows the entire dealership as the local source worth knowing and growing with.

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